Lucifer: In which we learn that with Angels its sun’s out, guns out.


First Aired: 25 January 2016


Tom Ellis                                                    Lucifer Morningstar 

Lauren German                                     Det. Chloe Decker

Kevin Alejandra                                     Det. Daniel Espinoza

D.B. Woodside                                         Amenadiel

Lesley Ann Brandt                                 Mazikeen 

Scarlet Estevez                                       Beatrice ‘Trixie’ Decker

Rachael Harris                                       Dr. Linda Martin 

Plot: In the Beginning, Lucifer was cast down to hell. After a while he quit and moved to LA.

Lucifer Morningstar (the Devil himself) is pulled over by a motorcycle cop in downtown LA. Playing on hidden desires, he gets out of a ticket and heads back to his bar Lux. At the bar he gets a drink from barmaid (a demon called Mazikeen) and is promptly visited by his brother the angel Amenadiel, who demands his immediate return to hell. This is promptly ignored. Later Delilah, a former employee of Lux, now a famous recording artist struggling with addiction issues, comes to visit him. She wonders whether she sold her soul to the devil for her career. Lucifer, being the devil, knows how ridiculous that is and asks Delilah to get herself together. While taking a moment outside, the pair are shot by a low level drug dealer, killing Delilah and only leaving Lucifer angry. Lucifer goes over to the dealer, just as he is caught up in a car accident and prevents him from dying to find out why he did it, only to learn before he dies that he was just a hired gun and now Lucifer wants to know who the individual who ordered the hit is, so he can be punished.

Here, the police enter the story with Detective Chloe Decker arriving to find her estranged husband Dan Espinoza (also a detective) running her crime scene. There’s some veiled references to her being something of a pariah at the precinct and that this case needs to be put to bed quickly. Chloe then speaks to the only surviving witness, Lucifer Morningstar.

Lucifer banters with Chloe, clearly interested in this intelligent and determined woman that he is convinced is familiar to him. After he gives his statement, he’s left with the impression that the LAPD aren’t going to do much with this, so he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Delilah’s former producer and fiance Jimmy is getting married, Lucifer crashes the wedding and just like with the cop the previous night, gets the bride to admit that she’s no real interest in Jimmy, who in order to get Lucifer away from him, points him in the direction of 2 Vile, another of Delilah’s exes. Lucifer gets into 2 Vile’s house and provokes him until he gets him talking, leading to a Beverley Hill’s shrink, Dr. Linda. Before he can go check on that Chloe arrives and arrests him. He’s instantly out of the cuffs and tries to charm Chloe and its has absolutely no effect. To avoid being taken downtown, he shares his lead with Chloe, but on the way there is a brief detour where Chloe’s daughter Trixie has been suspended for fighting with another girl. While Chloe talks to the principal, Lucifer talks to Trixie and learns the whole story. Before they all leave he goes to talk to the other girl, who screams when she sees Lucifer’s eyes. Chloe returns, commending her daughter’s actions and leaves her with the eventually arriving Dan, her father.

Lucifer and Chloe visit Dr. Linda who does succumb to Lucifer’s charms and openly lusts after him. Trading the promise of future sex with her, Lucifer gets the name of another boyfriend of Delilah, bland leading man actor Gray Cooper. After causing a domestic on set with Gray’s current lover, Chloe notices the watch Gray wears, a gift from Delilah. The pair end up back at Lux and go over the case, realising that the watch was the same one that the killer had since her death, Delilah’s record sales are soaring and producer Jimmy is raking it in, being the sole recipient of the royalties. The mismatched pair confront Jimmy and it descends into a shootout. Chloe takes a hit to the shoulder and an enraged Lucifer demolishes Jimmy, showing him a face that no one else can see, leaving him screaming. Chloe wakes in hospital to Lucifer, who is pleased to see her alive and well, but leaves as soon as Trixie arrives. Back at Lux there’s another visit from Amenadiel, who is both confused and angry about how Lucifer seems to have changed. Disturbed by the idea, Lucifer seeks professional-ish help from Dr. Linda in exchange for sex. The devil is in therapy.

Notes: This is a bit of a counterpoint to Constantine as they are both Vertigo series that star characters that appeared in other comics first and put on TV within a couple of years of each other. This version of Lucifer appeared in the seminal comic series Sandman, where the devil just ups and leaves and moves to LA. That was an over–serious and at times dour series and this couldn’t be further from that.

This devil is basically the rebellious son, given a job in the family business and sacking it off and going partying. He’s having fun and when Amenadiel shows up (DB Woodside all long coat with no sleeves, because if you have the guns, you show them off) it’s very much the good son admonishing the family flake.They act like squabbling brothers, who look and sound nothing alike, but you buy them as brothers. German and Alejandro as a divorced couple trying to raise a child together and work within the LAPD together is a bit forced at first, but German does what little she has to do very well and unlike most child actors, Scarlet Estevez has a lot of charm. Lesley Ann Brandt is able enough and Rachael Harris’ Dr. Linda is hilarious as she tries and fails to restrain herself from openly lusting after Lucifer. It’s  really a great ensemble cast, who can do dramatic and comedy equally well, but much like Constantine, this is a series that would rise and fall over it;s lead.

Tom Ellis is not a name that springs to mind, more of a ‘oh that guy’ kind of actor, but he has risen to that challenge. Charming, with a lot of tongue in cheek and able to make whatever dialogue he’s given make sense. He’s not evil, just uninhibited, he does and says what he likes and above all is having fun. Confident, but just short of arrogant he’s funny, king of the one line response and above all, likeable.

From his first scene he owns the show and you’re rooting for him almost immediately. Usually, when you have a not-human person living amongst people, you have part of the story be how he hides it all, not this guy, he freely admits he is the devil and if you don’t believe him, well that’s on you, not him. He has the good humour of someone who can’t be hurt and so when he does turn, it has weight. By the end of the first episode, you can see that this show has legs and it’s mostly because of Ellis, I had so much fun watching this program.


Does it work? Yes a police procedural with the devil as a detective sounds like a daft idea, but the actors pull it off.

Does much need fixing? Not really the supporting cast need a bit more to do, but that’s usually true in most TV shows after one episode.

Does it stand up? It does stand up really well, this being the second time I have watched it.

Dd I want to watch the next one? Want to? Finished the first season within 2 weeks.

Did I enjoy it? Absolutely just as much fun as the first time I watched this season.

Overall:  5 out of 5

Charming and fun, a hidden treat.



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