Bitten: In which we learn about sex, lies and werewolf cousins.



First aired: 11th January 2014


Laura Vandernoot – Elena Michaels

Greyston Holt- Clayton Danvers

Greg Bryk – Jeremy Danvers

Paul Green – Philip McAdams

Michael Xavier – Logan Jonsen

Steve Lund  – Nick Sorrentino

Paulino Nunes  – Antonio Sorrentino

Joel Keller – Pete Myers

Synopsis: Toronto, a couple are making love, the woman, while on top starts out being very into it, but something is clearly wrong, she stops and leaves, without any real explanation to her perplexed boyfriend. She is clearly in some degree of pain and after making it to the street, strips naked and slowly and painfully turns into a large wolf. In upstate New York and a woman in a bar tries to pick up a stranger, he rebuffs her with no small amount of contempt, but does manage to ask about the local Danvers family. The Wolf runs across Toronto, at the same time in New York, the rebuffed woman is being stalked by a wolf also. The Toronto wolf devours a rabbit, whilst the woman is also killed, both attacks are shown with the scene changing between them, to highten the parallels between the two.

The next morning, the wolf is now the woman from before, Elena, who brings breakfast, apologies and some early morning sex. At a college, a lecturer called Clayton Danvers talks about the Junigan ideas of the Animus/Anima and how it connects to the Persona and how that all relates to anthropology. Elena meets with her shrink, also a werewolf, called Logan who points out that she can’t keep putting the change off, or the painful and spontaneous change which ruined her night earlier will happen again. She then meets with her friend Diana, the younger sister of her boyfriend Philip. Back in New York state, the body of the woman attacked the previous night is found outside the Danvers’ family home of Stonehaven. Jeremy, the head of the family sees the body and smells a wolf on it and begins to call the rest of his family (or more accurately his pack) to call them home. This includes Logan, Clayton and another member called Nick. Elena gets the call too, but is at an awards dinner for Philip with his sisters and mother, the mother not being a fan of this stranger.

Philip wins the award, but Elena is called back to a full pack gathering at Stonehaven. Pressure mounts on Elena to join them, but she lives in Toronto for a reason and wants nothing to do with that life. But as her violent reaction an over-eager suitor points out, she can’t escape some parts of that life entirely. The calls keep coming, pausing only when Elena goes on a run with Logan and the pair are attacked in wolf form by a coyote, but the pair fight it off. Someone is filming the whole thing. Elena and Logan agree to go back to Stonehaven, just separately.

Elena has no desire to be back when she arrives at Stonehaven, this isn’t helped by the arrival of Clayton and the establishment that there was a serious history between them. They are there to find the rogue werewolf (or mutt) who is elsewhere eating his one night stand.

Notes: I will be perfectly honest, I had no idea what I was getting into when this was brought onto the docket by the MIGHTY Rosie. After finishing the episode, I still didn’t. It felt a lot more chapter one of a larger story, than as a pilot for a show, but that’s nothing new by today’s standards. The cast in this show is for the most point unknown to me, the problem with that is that the acting for most of the characters is at times bizarre and I can’t tell if that’s bizarre acting choices, or just not very good actors? The only exceptions being Greg Bryk, who is doing his best to fill the character of Jeremy with conflict and nuance, rather than bluster and Laura Vandervoot whom I watched in other shows.

Laura Vandervoot is an actress who has played girlfriend and family member characters in the shows V and Smallville and in those roles did okay, but very unspectacular. It’s clear that the show is trying to make her both the star and the audience identification character and I’m not really seeing it. She’s neither engaging enough to be a lead, nor relatable enough to be the person I invest in as the audience stand in. There’s a lot to like in this series, the focus on werewolves rather than other gothic fantasy characters is a breath of fresh air in a vampire filled  TV landscape, but nothing is really showing you anything worth seeing. The world building is great and I really liked that, but shouldn’t the best thing about a new show be the story, or the characters? What little character stuff we see is predictable and I will be honest kind of a wasted opportunity and that unfortunately summed the show up.


Does it work? Yes, the premise is fairly interesting and we get to learn a lot about the characters in a fairly short amount of time.

Does much need fixing? If I start doing that, I may never finish.

Does it stand up? As much as it can do, time has don’t little harm to it.

Do I want to watch the next one? Yes, but that mostly came from giving it an extra episode or two for the benefit of the MIGHTY Rosie and the hope that it would get better.

Did I enjoy it? Not really and looking back, it kind of looks worse.

Overall: 2 out of 5 this is a show that had so much promise and did absolutely nothing with it.


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