Lost Girl: In which we learn Bo never pays for lunch.

First aired: 12th September 2010


Anna Silk – Bo Dennis

Ksenia Solo – Kenzie Malikov

K C Collins – William ‘Hale’ Santiago

Kris Holden-Reid – Dyson Thornwood

Zoie Palmer – Dr Lauren Lewis

Rick Howland – Fitzpatrick ‘Trick’ McCorrigan

Cle Bennett – The Ash

Emmanuel Vaughier – The Morrigan

Synopsis: At a bar, a man puts something into a drink which he offers to bartender Bo, when politely rebuffed he offers the drink to pick-pocket Kenzie, who soon leaves along with his wallet, but collapses under the influence of what is clearly a drug and is close to passing out, by the time she is in the lift. The man who drugged her catches and tries to sexually assault her, but Bo arrives, charms her way in close and kisses him. There seems to be a transfer of energy and he drops to the floor dead. Bo picks up Kenzie (the only witness) and carries her away from this would be rapist.

The police arrive later on and the detectives ‘Hail’ Santiago and Dyson Thornwood seem to know more about the strangeness of the death than their uniformed colleagues and seem to want to keep much of what has happened quiet. The speak to the bar manager after having back-tracked the victim to the bar Bo was working at.

Back at Bo’s place, she is preparing to leave town, something it appears that she has had to do several times. Kenzie wakes up and freaks out, as she remembers what she saw Bo do. After a brief panic, the girls decide to talk over some milkshakes, all the while the police are beginning to close in.

Bo explains that she doesn’t know how she can do what she did, but is able to coerce people, she demonstrates by flirting with the waitress, who clearly aroused lets Bo off the bill. She also explains that almost all of the people she has had sex with died and she has little to no idea why. Kenzie is fascinated and wants in and offers to help Bo, but before they can do anything they are confronted by Dyson and Hail. Hail uses a sound he makes to knock Bo out and they both take her to ‘The Ash’. The Ash asks Bo for information, but soon realises that she has no idea what is going on. He orders a woman called Lauren to examine her and just as she is about to do that, a woman known as ‘The Morrigan’ arrives and lays claim to Bo as well. We get some political posturing from the pair, but ultimately we follow Bo to Lauren’s office.

Lauren explains that  Bo is a succubus, a member of a subspecies of humanity known as the Fae. Bo seems to gain sustenance and strength from sexual activity with other people, explaining her coercion power and what happened in the lift. The Fae exist in two camps, dark and light. They both seem to want Bo to join them, so they arrange for the Test, so that should she survive she will make her choice.

Whilst this is going on, Kenzie is trying to find Bo, after Dyson and Hail left her behind, so she uses her family’s underworld contacts to find Bo, who is being  pushed into some ritual combat. Before she goes in, Dyson kisses her, charging her up. Her first test is a huge tattooed Fae carrying hammers, Bo is quicker than him and is able to hold her own until she gets the upper hand and kills her opponent. Before she can relax she is grabbed from behind by something called a Pain Eater, which fills her head with suicide inducing hallucinations. Kenzie breaks into the warehouse that the Test is happening in and shouts to Bo, who once hearing her is able to fight back and kill the Pain Eater instead of vice versa. When called by the Ash and the Morrigan to chose a side, Bo declines both, pledging her fealty to neither dark nor light, but rather humanity as a whole. Before the Ash and Morrigan can react, a diminutive man called Trick advises them both to wait before acting against her. Both seem to agree, at least for the moment.

Dyson drops Bo and Kenzie back at her home, tells Bo not to leave town and Bo is left wondering what to make of all this new life and the world of the Dark and the Light Fae.

Notes: This is not a program that I knew anything about before I watched it. I think this was one suggested by the MIGHTY Rosie. The lighting, direction and cast are different from many American shows. The idea of the hidden worlds beneath our own is not new, nor is the idea of the Dark and the Light having a cold war that the majority never learn about. The idea of fairy/folk tale creatures in the modern world isn’t really new either, but this show has a very different take, sex. Whilst there aren’t sex scenes to speak of, Bo’s very existence as a succubus keeps sex at the very heart of the story and the name Anna Silk does sound very porn star. The scenes of her with the man in the lift, the waitress and Lauren are dripping with sexuality and the scenes between Bo and Dyson are filled with chemistry. Anna Silk herself is not an actress I was familiar with, much like the rest of the cast, but she inhabits the character fully and betrays none of the cliches of this kind of character’s usual use. She isn’t desperate to know who she is, because until she meets other Fae, she doesn’t know where to start. She is both amazed, comforted and repulsed by the Fae world she encounters. She is haunted by both the bodies in her wake and the loneliness this has caused. Whilst Kenzie irritates the hell out of me in every scene she is in, her acceptance of Bo makes their friendship believable, Bo is desperate for acceptance and Kenzie gives her strength because of that. Lauren being fascinated rather than frightened does the same thing, but there’s a very different vibe there, not quite so platonically friendly. The show is clearly building towards a romance between Bo and Dyson, who seems to be the answer to the question ‘what if Chris Martin from Coldplay was a werewolf?’ and there does seem to be genuine chemistry between them. The rest of the cast do okay, but it’s clear that it’s Bo and Dyson’s show with Kenzie, Lauren and Hail at the sidelines.

That said, the world of the Fae seems well fleshed out, with an insular community feel. Every Fae seems to have a job that is either for the community, or in the regular world to serve that community. Hail and Dyson are police, but it’s clear they are mostly there to cover Fae stuff up. Other than Kenzie, the only human in this show is Lauren, who has her own reasons to being there and I don’t get the feeling it’s by choice, or simple curiosity. There’s a bit of scenery chewing with Cle Bennett’s Ash and ‘oh it’s her’ Emanuelle Vaughier, but whilst the dialogue is stiff in places everyone seems to be giving it their all. The only downside seems to be, that the show hasn’t decided what it is yet. We get a lot of stuff thrown at us, but I don’t think enough of it sticks. Chemistry between the leads is important, but you can’t make a show out of it, even Moonlighting had good scripts to work with.

This isn’t a bad show, but it isn’t a finished one either.

Does it work? Yes, somewhat, there is enough of a concept to make a show, thin as it may be.

Does much need fixing? We need to get into the characters in more depth.

Does it hold up? This show hasn’t dated, nor is the show badly structured, but I struggle to say yes.

Did I want to watch the next one? Yes, both the MIGHTY Rosie and I watched the next couple as well, we may watch more.

Did I enjoy it? Yes I did, it’s a fun bit of fluff.

Verdict: 3 out of 5 There is a better show here and it may be worth trying to find out if it made it.

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