Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23: In which we learn new levels of crazy.


First Aired: 24th May 2012


Kristin Ritter                                  Chloe

Dreama Walker                             June Colburn

James Van Der Beek                    Himself

Erik Andre                                   Mark Reynolds

Liza Lapira                                  Robin

Michael Blailock                        Eli Webber

Plot: A woman called Chloe enters an apartment and proceeds to have sex with the man there, including ending up on the birthday cake of her flatmate June.

A week earlier, June has got a new job at a mortgage broker, at a company which is immediately shut down due to embezzlement and fraud. Her company owned apartment is repossessed and she ends up sharing a flat with the warm and friendly Chloe after answering an ad, only to be warned off her by the irrational seeming Robin from next door. Despite that, June moves in.

It transpires that Chloe is a devious lunatic, who cons her flatmate and a battle of wills ensues. After selling Chloe’s possessions, June is convinced by Chloe and her celebrity friend James Van Deer Beek to go get some of it back, in doing so June earns Chloe’s respect. When June’s philandering fiance Steven shows up, Chloe sees him for what he is and that’s how we get to the first scene. Chloe does it all to convince June that Steven is a cheater.

Realising the favour that Chloe has done her, June makes peace and the two start the process of becoming friends and start by stealing drinks from a nearby farm. There’s also a lot of weird stuff with inappropriate neighbour Eli and James Van Der Beek to fill up the run time.

Notes:  I wasn’t familiar with Dreama Walker at all and only really knew Kristen Ritter and James Van Der Beek from more serious-ish roles, so I was unsure about what I was going to get here. I needn’t have bothered. Kristen Ritter’s Chloe is an amazing character. Ritter plays her with the same prickly exterior she showed in Jessica Jones, but with a zany side and zero morals. The battle of wills with June is hilarious for the things that Chloe can both do and accept. She’s the crazy woman that no one gets warned about, because you wouldn’t believe half of the things you are told and yet, she does seem to care, well kind of. If it was just the pairing of June and Chloe, then this program would only have been okay, but then we get James Van Der Beek. Known to most people as the lead in Dawson’s Creek and that one film about American football he did, it’s a revelation that he’s in fact blessed with comic timing and an amazing ability to laugh at himself and his public image. He’s both charming and a little ridiculous in this and that works tremendously well. It’s a fun little trinity of comedy with the lovely June as a straight man, Chloe as the crazy lady and Van Der Beek slipping comfortably between them.

This entire episode dripped with comedic potential and it’s something that I will end up coming back to.


Does it work? Almost, there are lots of comedy momnts that feel disjointed.

Does much need fixing? There isn’t really a view of what the series is going to be, it feels a bit unfinished.

Does it stand up? Yes it does and I can’t say much beyond that.

Do I want to watch the next one? Like IT Crowd it’s one I will come back to.

Did I enjoy it? Yes I did.

Overall: 3 out of 5. There’s a great show in there, just trying to get out.

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