Dino Trux: In which we learn a bit about socialism.


First aired: 14th August 2015

Cast: (Voice) 

Andrew Francis – Ty Rux

Richard Ian Cox- Revvit

Ashleigh Ball – Skye

Mat Hill – Ton Ton

Brian Drummond – Dozer

Paul Dobson  – D-Structs

Synopsis: In a prehistoric world of large dinotrux and smaller reptools, we first meet Ty a red T-Truck who wakes, leaves his cave and digs for ore, the main source of food for the creatures in this world. Then a nearby volcano erupts. The trux evacuate, with Ty helping to save a baby Ankylodump before he is hit by a stray rock, damaging his right set of tire-treads. All the other species leave in their groups, but the solitary Ty is left behind with no one there to help him out. He finds a new area in a crater and seeks to move in, but the locals are less than keen on him being there. A reptool called Revvit finds a medium sized piece of ore and tries to eat it, before being offered help by Ty, who breaks the ore into more manageable pieces. Revvit reciprocates by repairing Ty’s treads, the gives the pair some common ground. The two talk and Ty considers staying, but runs afoul of D-Structs, another T-Truck who considers this crater as his patch and does not want competition and hands Ty a kicking, together with a warning to leave and do so quickly. D-Structs is clearly terrorising the area whereas Ty is a bit more easy going and quickly realises that if they worked together there would be plenty enough for everyone.

First he meets with the ankylodumps, gaining the cooperation of the gung-ho Ton-Ton. Then he convinces cranosaurus Skye, before he is attacked by dozeratop called Dozer who is seeking to save the crater. The fight ends with Dozer being dropped in a tar pit. Appalled by this unfortunate turns of a events, Ty asks for Skye’s help and she brings in Ton-Ton and the three work on a bridge with Revvit on blueprints. Skye and Ty pull Dozer free and this five creature team marvel at their combined works and when D-Structs shows up for round two, all the five stand against him. Unable to take all four trux on, D-Structs backs down, giving a new start to the crater and the Dinotrux who live there.

Notes: This was a show that was brought to me by my son. One of the increasing number of original Netflix shows this is one of those message heavy shows about caring and teamwork and all that. To be honest it seems to have a very democratic socialist leaning to it. There’s a strong element of sharing resources and cooperation, but always in a team of individuals sort of way. Everyone is listened to, everyone does their bit and everyone benefits. I don’t really have a problem with that. Stressing teamwork and construction over bullying and hoarding isn’t a bad message. There’s individual characters that are well presented and as fleshed out as they need to be for a kids show and it is pretty professionally put together. The story is well paced and moves at a pretty brisk clip for a 20 minute show. I have as a father watched a lot of kids TV and most of it has been pretty terrible, but this isn’t part of it. There isn’t the usual pandering to kids, nor is there anything going on that most kids couldn’t understand. I’ve had to watch lots of different shows, but this is one of the good ones.

Does it work? Combining construction, vehicles and dinosaurs is something of a no brainer.
Does much need fixing? Most of the cast work well together and the set up is broad enough to do all kinds of things with.
Does it stand up? Yes, the series is still going and seems to have maintained it’s quality.
Did I want to watch the next one? Not really, but obviously I have watched many since.
Did I enjoy it? I did, despite myself, there are shows on this list I have enjoyed less, so I think I will give my boy more chances to pick new series to look at.

Verdict: 4 out of 5, a solid series that’s good for the the whole family and in a TV landscape that’s becoming more specialised, that’s a bit of a rarity.

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Liverpool based family man and unrepentant geek, trying to understand what's going on in my own head, which is not always being a good place to be. Remember always, we live in a world of wonders.

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